kuruluas osman episode 101 part 1

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 part 1 With Urdu Subtitles of Kurulus Osman Selcan Hatun

and our martyrs should be His Messenger’s neighbors. Amine. My sheik, amen.

Amine. Our oba has expanded as a result of being kneaded in pain.

We buried our victims while fighting an infidel with a pusat in one hand and a pusat in the other.
This is how it will always be.

We all know that a doubter’s only wish is for the conquests they devoted their lives to

continue at all times. I pledge that we will continue this lawsuit indefinitely bgrace.

Amine. Sir, is there a Destur? Come on, Aygul, you can do it. [Music is being played] Sir
I’d want to share some information from our scouts. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 With Urdu SubtitlesAygul.

We waited for you at iftar, but we understand your predicament.

We were adamant about not touching. I understand. Thank you very much, honey.

The pain, on the other hand, is still quite fresh. I’m now on the lookout for him at iftar. My darling,

you will undoubtedly feel the agony. I understand how much separation crushes your heart.

Suck, this breakup isn’t going to last forever. Our eternal home is waiting for us.

One cannot grieve for death on this earth where Allah’s Messenger lived for sixty-three years.

With the Qur’an and prayer, you will constantly remember the dead andkeep the place in your heart fresh. There will be no separation between them when they meet in the hereafter.
Aydi, please take a seat late. [Music is being played] [Music is being played] We must take extra precautions on the way back.
(Urdu and Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman

You will travel to the Kayi tribe and be given Holofira.

Without a doubt,
Sir. We took notes on everything you said one by one. Beautiful. So you found yourself, huh? For the time being, you are alive.
Osman Bey, you’ll come to regret not killing me. There is a time for everything. You’re an astute individual. You’re going to use me as a bargaining chip.
But it was in vain. Nothing will be given to you in exchange for me. Particularly negöl. Do you believe you’ll be able to receive negöl in exchange for me?

This is not the time to inquire. It’s now or never to respond. Let’s see who that scumbag is behind you. Master Aryus is the subject of your inquiry.

You won’t know who you are until his sword reaches your neck.

Season 3 Episode 97 (Urdu and Hindi Dubbed) of Kurulus Osman

I’m not going to leave anyone behind.

I’ll take all of them. What are you capable of doing to me? You can take my life at most, Osman Bey.

So there you have it. Please accept my life? Nikola, those who fall on the road of righteousness will be rewarded with heaven.

You are not allowed to steal anything from me. Nothing can break the will of individuals who have a steely determination.

You’re trying to irritate me and get yourself killed. You claim that I will murder myself to save negöl. I’m not going to be swayed by your bravery,

and my hatred does not convince me. I’ll take negöl whether you die or live. I will not give you negöl, whether I pass or stay.

Oh, my lovely mama. She was our collective mother. She was the matriarch of the tribe.

What makes us stand out? Just say anything.your entire being.

The stream in the camp, the tents, and where you stay and sleep, there isn’t a single child who feels like he is in a cage here. My lovely daughter.

Nowhere else will you feel like you’re in a cage. You will not enter the castle since it is a dungeon for you.
[Music is being played] [Music is being played] Come on, Aladdin, you can do it.
overthink things. Everything is moving at a breakneck pace, brother.

You don’t have much patience. I need to ponder to make the best decision.

No, to make the best decision, you must act quickly. You’ll be sucking the enemy’s breath in no time.
[Music begins to play] Brother, everything you said in Cenkte is correct.On the other hand, Rushing is a losing strategy in this game.

Her aunt was also present.

Holofira is aware of this. What is your opinion on the location?

Constantinople. my sibling,

I intend to visit there myself one day.
[Music is being played] It’s not a good idea to assault from this position.

Nikola’s walls have been said to have been fortified for a long period.

Gunduz Bey, you are correct. However, that is the quickest route to the keep.

If we enter the war on the walls from one location, we’re stuck. We have a lot of losses.

Greetings, Mr. Gunduz. What Turgut Bey,

my Turgut, said is correct. It’s your loss that comes first.

We’ll throw stones at the walls and pound them for weeks if necessary.

However, we have no idea what awaits us inside. It’s not smart, as I already stated.

It has been placed on. I never said it couldn’t be done. Allow Osman Bey, in particular,

to arrive. Let’s see what he has to say.

With the triumph, no.

But thanks be to my Almighty Lord, who has blessed us with victory.

The castle of Bilecik is ours. Now we’re on our way to Negöl Castle.
Nicola is in our possession. And he values the court above his own life.

He’ll do everything he can to prevent the swap from taking place.

We will besiege the castle. Sir, we’ll besiege the fortress.

We’ll also turn off the supply. There is,
no catapult to tear down the walls or a ram to batter down the door.

Sir. This siege will last a long time and be excruciatingly unpleasant.
In addition, the emperor and other tekfurs will send reinforcements our way.

Of course, the support paths will be blocked.

But if they go all-out war, we’ll be left in the open no matte

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