In the drama serial Usman Koro Los Episode No. 101 Part 2,

you will see Ko Ko Ro Los, a soldier comes and tells Usman that Olaf has attacked the Oktab tribe.

And many of his soldiers have been killed. Uthman tells Targat that you should go and find out.

Most of the soldiers are killed

Octam tries hard to fight, but the Gatsab doesn’t let him fight,

and Olof doesn’t even pick up the corpses of soldiers from the Okta tribe, says Gatt.

We will take the dead bodies and all the soldiers

In the tribe, Olaf’s boss kidnaps Aladin and sends him away from the tribe, locked in a chest.

While Osman was fighting with his allies, the special minister of the sultan came and said to Osman.

Uthman is very surprised that you are fighting the wrong enemy,

our enemy is different and your son Alaa Din has been abducted.

As to who has kidnapped Alauddin, who has done this, he says, he tried to kill the sultan,

then Usman says, whoever it is, whoever it is, I will release him.

No, and he leaves Olof and goes to the tribe. Balaha is running away looking for Aladin,

and a soldier comes and tells her that he has been found.

Where have they taken Aladdin, so it is said to prepare quickly and prepare the horses.

He hastily sets out with his soldiers towards this mark. They are on their way when Uthman arrives with his followers.

And he asks what happened to Bala, so Bala quickly dismounts from the horse and tells that Alauddin has been abducted.

They follow the sign and reach Aladdin





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