Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 18 in Urdu dubbing

Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 18 In Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Captain Salar Crowles Usman reaches Wazir Alam Shah’s room through secret routes.So at that time Sipa Salar Carols Usman is very happy to see Wazir Alam Shah in the room And he looks at Wazir Alam Shah

carefully and expresses his anger to Wazir Alam Shah That my time has come for me to repay you for the evil things you have done to me and to my companions.And General Carolus Usman pulls his sword out of its sheath. At this time Wazir Alam Shah

is alone in his room.And he has no soldier to help him. Wazir Alam Shah falls to the ground in panic.And the captain says to Carols Usman, “Don’t hit me.”Captain Salar Carols Usman appeals for mercy but Captain Salar Carols Usman tells Wazir Alam Shah

that you are not worthy of mercy.You will be punished for what you did.”I know very well that you do not want to die anymore,” says Clarus Usman.But there is no flexibility in my law. There is no room for forgiveness in my law for the oppressors.

You will surely be punished for what you have done.In the meantime, as soon as the army chief Carols Usman starts attacking Wazir Alam Shah with his sword The Mongol soldiers of Vimangol Ghyato come there to support Wazir Alam Shah and the soldiers

Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 18 In Urdu dubbing

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