Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing

Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Sultan Masood’s soldier who is an internal companion of Mongol Ghiato and who keeps Ghiato informed about Sultan Masood’s movements.And he consults with Mongol Ghiato After this planning, he pulls his dagger from Salar Crowles Usman

And Sultan Masood’s soldier Sipa Salar Karolus attacks Usman’s dagger Sultan Masood and kills him.Then Sultan Masood falls to the ground and Carols Usman gets upset over the murder of Sultan Masood.And Sultan Masood is touching his body that after a while the soldiers

of Mongol Ghiato come And they try to cling to Sultan Masood with their swords At this, Captain Carolus Usman angrily tells the soldiers of Mongol Ghyato that you are the dog of this dirty slave Mongol Ghyato.He had made all these plans to kill Sultan Masood. Keep in

mind that I will kill you all one by one.Captain Salar Carolus Usman then marches towards the soldiers of Mongol Ghiato and General Salar Carols Usman fights with Ghiato’s soldiers with great courage.He pulls out their swords and kills them one by one After that,

Salar Crowles looks out from left to right outside the palace of Usman Sultan Masood There are no other soldiers of Mongol Ghyato except these soldiers as soon as the soldier Salar Carols Usman runs away after looking around.Wagyato and more soldiers arrive there.

jumps from the porch of Usman Sultan Masood’s palace.

Kulurus Osman S3 Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing


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