Kulurus Osman Episode 19 in Urdu dubbing

Kulurus Osman Episode 19 in Urdu dubbing

This is how the episode started At the beginning of the episode, Captain Salar Usman and his ompanions reach an openfield on their horses.On the other hand, General Samad Usman’s brother Gundoz is also riding his horses with his companions.

His army encounters Salar Usman and his companions in an open field.Soldier Salar Usman and his comrades look at Gundoz and his comrades.Gunduz, sitting on his horse, asks Salar Usman how he got here And Salar Usman asks his brother

Gundoz how you got here.Salar Usman, sitting on his horse with his companions, gives advice to Gunduz from afar.We can’t do anything in which a soldier sheds his brother’s blood and a brother sheds his brother’s blood.On this, Gunduz comes

down from his horse and his companions also come down from their own horses.On the other hand, Salar Usman and his companions also get down from their horses Sip Salar Usman walks towards his comrades towards Gundoz and on the other hand

Gundoz leaves his comrades and walks towards his brother Sipa Salar Usman.Coming from afar, Sipa Salar Usman says to his brother Gundoz that you want If you and your companion go back together, then I advise you, brother Gandwaz, that you want

Keep killing the oppressive Turks with your swords and keep supporting the oppressors. If not, then stop dealing with the wrongdoers.General Salar Usman tells his gunman that the Turks are innocent.And I want to tell you that you yourself are

trapped in the deception of Wazir Alam Shah and Gayato.And you don’t know if you’re doing it wrong or wrong. And now you are deceiving us and our soldiers.Captain Salar Usman tells his brother Gundoz that I and my fellow soldiers will not be deceived by you.

Kulurus Osman Episode 19 in Urdu dubbing

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