Drama Serial Kesi Teri Selfishness Episode No. 7In the beginning, when Shamsher sees Mehek in front of him, he says, “I told you that you are mine, why don’t you believe?” Mehek starts to go inside, but Shamsher grabs her hand and angrily takes her inside. goes

And he says that the final decision will be made today, then Mahek’s uncle says that you are two or four miscreants. And he says that it is ok to call them, they are just like us or we will also be recognized and if you cannot call them, then sit quietly.
Hey, you are not a father, so why are you trying to become one? Mehek’s father motions his uncle to sit down, so he sits quietly, then Shamsheer goes to Mehek’s father and says, I have not asked anything from anyone, I am asking you today
And if it doesn’t happen, I will not let anyone live here. Mehek’s mother says that look, Mehek doesn’t want to marry you and neither do we want to marry you. Mehek says that if you know that I How much I hate you and because of you our life has become a torment
So maybe you will start hating me too, then Shamshir says that if you know how much I love you, I am sure you will start loving me too, Mehek says that I love you only. If you hate her, her father says, how much more will you make fun of her?
If I am of your father’s age, Shamsher says that I love Mahek, you have three days and I will not bother to call the judge, I will call him myself. Is
At night, Mehek’s aunt is sitting in her room, so her husband says, Iram, tell your sister to go away from here, I can’t pray anymore, so Iram says, for God’s sake, speak slowly, then someone will listen. He says listen he has found it
It doesn’t matter to them whether they stay here or there, tomorrow you ask them to leave here, it’s my final decision and anyway, why don’t they marry her, her life will be peaceful and we Even then, the father of Mehek, who was standing by the door, hears these words and leaves from there
On the other hand, Shamsher’s father asks his mother what happened, why is he so lost, she says that because of Shamsher, he comes a little late and then leaves without even eating anything, so they say what happened to this girl. While talking, Shamsher comes there and says that there is good news, I am getting married the day after tomorrow
His father says to whom he says that by smell his father stands up and says you know that I don’t like this girl if you do this then your relationship with me is over propewThat I am in love with Mehek so much that I am ready to pay any price for it, even the loss seems to be a good deal.
Mahek’s parents are sitting, then his mother comes and says that his mother says that now we want to go to our house, then they say what happened, someone said something to you, then they say what happened Someone said something to you, she says, someone said something, now we are going back to our house, this is also their kindness
Mehek hears all these things that they have kept us here for so many days and says to her father that I am ready to marry Shamsher and she leaves there. Shamsher’s sister in law is packing her things. Then Shamsher’s brother says what are you doing, she says you guys have put the sword on your head.
This is the result of this then her brother says what happened then she says Shamsher is getting married and if that girl comes here I will leave the house and leave then he says you should talk to her. Do it then she says do it but there is no use if that girl comes here then don’t expect anything good from me.
Then he goes to Shamsher and says what am I hearing that you are getting married, Shamsher says you too come, you were the only one who was missing, you all are acting as if I am committing some sin. Ka’s brother says that this is a sin in the house. You know that Farwa is leaving the house
So Shamsher says it’s good, then his brother says what? Then he says I’m kidding, you all are explaining me, I don’t understand anyone, so his brother says explain, then Shamsher says only one. I will explain to you now that I have to go and prepare for marriage
Then he goes to his friend and is doing all the preparations, he gets a call from Mehek, he picks up the phone and says that I am not dreaming, Mehek says no, it is true, that is why I called you. I was ready to marry you
So he says to say again, she says that you should not harm my family, he says that he will not. When he returns home, his family is sitting together, so his father with a sword. He says that your marriage will take place there
Where you want, Shamshir gets happy and says thank you very much, while Farwa is very angry, so her husband calls her mother and tells her to explain to her daughter, but Farwa tells her mother too, then Farwa She goes to her father-in-law
And says that you used to say that our blood is not mixed, so now you are marrying such a girl who has no family, change your marriage decision.
So they say that in our family decisions are not changed at the request of women, you go to your room


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