Drama serial kaisi tare khud garze episode 13 Shamsher gets down from the train and sees that the person working for him is standing in front of him. He is the same person who tried to kill Mehek.
Sham Mushir says what are you doing here, go away, he says Nawab Sahib has sent me, please don’t tell me to leave because I won’t leave without taking you.
Now you go, I will pick up your luggage, then the sword goes with it and the person takes it to his house and on reaching there, the person says that you don’t need anything, little sir.
And if it is, then tell me. The swordsman says where to find a little coin and then the person takes it to a court.
Varuhan prays that he may get some peace, there Mehk’s sage goes to his house and saysThey are there and say that Nada said, then his mother comes and says what happened

So they tell that Mirathrans has been done then they tell this to Mahek and she is very happy and then her father says that now we will stay together.
I will make a ticket today and we will reach by tomorrow morning. The next day Shamsher Gari was standing near, then Mahek comes on the rickshaw and then Shamsher sees him.
And when he goes in front of her, Mehek runs away seeing her before Shamshir catches her, she leaves and hides in another room of the hostel.
But Shamsheer blows there too and takes him with him and locks him in a room. Then he convinces his father and says to them.
That they should make Mehk agree to marry, otherwise he will kill Nada. When they tell Mehk this, she agrees to the marriage


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