Drama Serial Kisi Teer Self-Gharsi Episode No. 10In the beginning of Mehk reaches Multan and yes a woman opens the door she takes Mehk to the room and says this is your room by the way everything you need is here but if you need anything tell me. to give

Here the same person was sitting thinking that how Mehek survived this is my illusion, if she survived the accident, how did she survive the fire, this is just an illusion, she is dead. Forget this girl
The whole house is a mess because of you. I will do whatever you say. Just leave it all. Shamsher says, say Mehk. Bring it to me. Her father says that she is dead. Forget her. Shamsher says he can’t forget her. Please. Don’t force me
Otherwise, I will leave the house and go away, so her father says it’s your wish, now I won’t tell you again. Follow up with that girl I like
So Shamsher’s mother says what are they saying then Shamsher’s father doesn’t hear anything and leaves from there then Shamsher’s brother says that I am worried about Shamsher that he might not do anything then he goes to his room. I go
So his wife is listening to the song so he says to his wife stop this song so much is happening in the house and so much is happening in the house and you don’t know anything I don’t understand Baba Sahib. They tell me to continue the conversation with Sofia
Farwa says that Baba Sahib has said this, why didn’t you tell me this before? Toh says that you didn’t tell me because I love this marriage, don’t you remember the last time your sister was killed. gone
He didn’t lose his life this time, so his wife says don’t worry, she will take care of it. It is to see how quickly Shamshir gets back to normal. She listens and says you have done all this
So they say that I have saved my son from going to death and I hope no one will know about it except you and me.
Farwa sends Sofia to Shamsher’s room. When Sofia goes to Shamsher’s room, Shamsher suddenly appears in front of her. She says I know Mahek is dead, forget it.
I love you then Shamshir says you go from here sofia leaves angrily while Ahsan starts to go out but his mother stops him so he ignores her and leaves. Mehek’s father calls Mehek
And they say how are you everything is fine there then Mehek says everything is fine we miss you a lot then Mehek says I miss you a lot too did you tell them no then they say no then Mehek’s mother When she comes, Mahek’s father hangs up the phone after seeing her
Then she starts missing Mehk so they start trying to tell her then Nida comes and says uncle chachi has come downstairs then she comes down there Mehk starts crying remembering everyone and comes to the kitchen. If so, that woman taunts him
And she says that if she did not want to make it, then why did she make it? The husband of this woman says that there is no problem, I have just brought bread from outside. comes
And sits at their feet and apologizes and says forgive me, I made a mistake, if I had not been weak, Mehek would have been alive today, forgive me, I am the sinner of all of you, Mehek’s mother says. That my daughter was killed by the sword
But who brought her there, you did a great job, you chose life for yourself by making the way for my daughter’s death.
After saying this, she leaves and Ahsan goes to his house, but when he hears the same words, he gets angry and sneaks into Shamsher’s house with a gun.Shamsher starts laughing seeing the gun in his hand and says “go ahead and shoot”, Ahsan fires the shot and Shamsher falls down. Hearing the sound of the bullet, everyone reaches Shamsher’s room.



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