drama serial Dil Awaiz Episode 15And Nawab Sahib stops and says, “Sorry, we stopped you. We have left no stone unturned to serve this mansion for so many years. We consider this mansion as our home.”

And after taking care of everyone and respecting everyone, Nawab Sahib says that this mansion also considered you as its own and said what you want to say.

So Aqa B says that we have taken care of our beloved daughter so that there would be no shortage in her upbringing.So Nawab Sahib says Aqabi, in fact we are grateful to you, we will not be able to repay your favor for the rest of your life.

Today we do not understand why you felt the need to repeat all this. Please tell us, we are your own.Nawab Sahib said how can we throw away all the childhood memories of our beloved daughter?

Don’t worry, we will talk to Roshan Ara Begum ourselves as far as the heartfelt daughter’s belongings are concerned.So Nawab Sahib said don’t worry, we will talk to Roshan Ara Begum ourselves.

No one can do any harm to our living heart. Mr. B said thank you very much. Nawab Sahib said don’t thank us, we will be ashamed and the elders do not thank.

Then Aqa B said Nawab sahib thank you for your happiness Nawab sahib you don’t sit Aqa B you go ahead then Nawab sahib go to Roshan Ara Begum

And they say that what we are hearing is to throw out all the belongings of the heartbroken daughter. The heartbroken is the daughter of this house. Roshan Ara Begum says that it is useless to say anything to Mr. B.

So Nawab Sahib said that this is not the answer to our question Yes, answer what we have asked. Did you say yes?Nawab Sahib said that what harm does these harmless things do to a heartbroken daughter?


Nawab Sahib said that the loss is not caused by heartbreak but by your own daughter. Do not blame heartbreaker for everything when daughters are said

So their belongings are not given to the scavengers but they are taken care of. If the daughter is important then things are also taken care of.

The one who kept us all in torment, Shahab-ud-Din said, “No matter what you say, the luggage will not go out of the mansion. This is our command.”

Then Roshan Ara calls Begum Aqa B and says that you will complain about us to Nawab Sahib. Aqab says that there is a big difference between talking and complaining.
They have as much right over this mansion as your Roshan Ara says that you will teach us a lesson. Then Shahab-ud-Din comes and says how are you talking to Aqabi

You do not know that they have brought me up and they are like mother to me. Roshan Ara Begum says the truth is that she is the housemaid
And Shahab-ud-Din says that the biggest mistake of our life is that we have not been able to keep us happy for the rest of our married life and we have not been able to raise our daughter properly.

Then Aqa B says stop Nawab Sahib, we have no complaints from him, see how he forgave you, then Roshan Ara Begum says that we do not forgive those who make mistakes.

On the other hand, when Kashan calls Dil Awaiz, Dil Awaiz picks up the phone and says, “How are you, Aqab?” Kashan gets on the phone and says that he has recognized the voice.

So the heartbroken mother-in-law comes to him and says you know that in the circumstances in which you have come here it is very difficult for us to accept you. If you can win the heart with service then win

On the other hand, Alexander asks his friend to find out this phone number and says to Dil Awaiz, “We have got the phone number to be found very soon. The truth will come out.”

Meanwhile, Shahabuddin’s sister is talking to her daughter and tells her that she was heartbroken. She was looking very good. Her jewelry and clothes were very They were beautiful, their eyes were not moving away from them

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