In drama serial Dastan Episode 3 Part 2,

you will see that Ekize Khan remembers the words of his father and says, “Baba, well,

you wanted to tell me that my destiny is here.” are

And Gog’s soldier takes him to the prison and says that Cholan Khan is coming tomorrow,

so don’t let him release you people and take him away.

So hearing this, all the women prisoners are happy that we will be released.

The prisoners are kept here. Is

There are a lot of people there and Akize starts to catch them together with all of them.

Then the leader of the Gog tribe comes to give them food.

That first, feed the hungry children, then feed us later, then the salar feels this is very bad,

so she grabs him by the hair and throws him down.

And she says to him, if you open your tongue today,

I will give you tongue and the coming Cholan of the Dagh tribe will take away all the speechless prisoners.

Zamma Asha lives to give gold, so he starts taking it away

So she takes something out of her throat and sees all this alone.

She tells him you hate me then why did you save me or there is a lot of chatter in prison.

Batu Ga comes there with a mirror, he sees from where they are coming out,

he closes the place and starts looking through this space,

then the other side also starts looking.

So Aizeh is happy to see Batuga, Batuga says I will come tomorrow

we will go to open the cave, then Aizeh says no, we will leave tomorrow.

Why is Chu Lan Khan coming tomorrow to take all the prisoners,

she will take us without giving sleep

Batuga cries that you will leave tomorrow and I will be alone again.

They talk for a long time.





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