Deliler New Turkish Movie in Urdu dubbing part 2!

But here we are going to give you not one but two of the most important updates regarding the Targat Elp. One of them is that the waiting hours are finally coming to an end. And very soon we will see Ko Rals Usman.One of the reasons for this is that in order to conquer Anna Gol Fort, Usman Sahib has written a letter to all the Sardars after becoming Sardar, ie now Usman Sahib himself has decided to call Targat.
You should not have any doubt that whenever Usman Sahib attacks the Anna Gol fort, it will not be without delay. Because here we are going to tell you a very big fact, and that is that when Anna Gol Fort was conquered, after that it was handed over to Targat Elp.Not only that, but the Algat Alp ruled over the Enagol fort for almost twenty-five years, so it is clear that the Algat Elp is now sure to come to the fore.
And in this regard, the Corals team has also started giving us signs.Because the Coalition team may have delayed the entry, which was wrong, and the fans protested.But the Cowboys team will never make the mistake of not handing over Anna Gol to Fort Gat. Because if that happened then the Cowboys team could face legal action for playing with history.
A great example of this has been seen before in the case of Yalaq Arsalan, where when a negative image of Yalaq Arsalan was shown in the media, there was a massive protest in this regard. As a result, Mohammad Bazdaq not only had to explain himself to the media, but also promised that the role of Yabliq Arsalan would be changed. And they will be shown in a positive light and we also told you in our video that they will come out as heroes. And then everyone saw that this was what happened.And Yablaq supported Usman Sahib in the Coalition at a time when he was in great trouble.
And here we are talking about the Ottoman warrior who saw the era of the four Ottoman sultans. And it has played an important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.And to be sure, Targat played a central role in the conquest of Anna Gol Fort.
So the good news is that we’re going to see the Algat Alp soon.But at the same time, we will give you another piece of great news regarding Targat, but in this regard, we have come very close to the real facts.And as soon as we get confirmation of that, they will give you the update soon.
But here is a very important question we are going to ask you and you have to tell us whether it is true or not? So the question for viewers today is that many media platforms and social platforms have reported that the entry of Targat has been delayed in order to increase the interest of the co-workers. Because millions of fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the song, and also want to see the song.
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