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Viewers now tell you what Artral Ghazi said in his will to Usman Sahib about double marriage?And will Usman Sahib have a double marriage or not? Tuna Zareen This is an issue that has been under discussion for a long time. But let me tell you the latest updates in this regard that Artral Ghazi in his will advised Usman Sahib to remarry on this condition.
That if Usman Sahib could not get the happiness of children from Bala Khatun for a long time, then he should get married twice for the sake of his heir. And not only that, but the will also said that marriage should not be with an ordinary woman. In other words, Usman Baig will definitely get married in Ko Rals, but not with an ordinary woman, but with the daughter of a Sardar or a good servant of Allah.Viewers are now talking about Bala Khatun because there have been so many questions from fans about Bala that they are about to have children.
So how much truth is there in this? AUDIENCE Here we are going to tell you facts that cannot be changed or denied. And that there is no provision in it that a woman with a child will have the happiness of having children, but this situation will not be shown so soon. And the reason for this is that before the second marriage of Usman Sahib, there will be no children of Bala Khatun because if this happens then there will be no justification for Usman Sahib’s second marriage.
And Usman Sahib also wants to remarry only so that he can see the happiness of his children. Therefore, it is certain that first Usman Sahib’s second marriage will take place, after which the upper lady will also have happy children. The reason for this is that exactly the same thing happened in Ta Reich. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the most important part of the video.

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