Drama Serial Dastan Episode No. 4 part 2 What place is this and what is going to happen to us? You guys are now the property of Gok Palace and the things of Gok Palace are sealed.

No way, we will not put a seal, we don’t own Gok Mahal, get hold of the spy, Akis, keep calm, otherwise we will have to put it on the face too.
I have been given as if I am a servant. What do you want from me? I will talk to you, feed you, give you milk or swing the cradle. Baba, I respect you very much.
I will marry anyone, but I will not marry this disabled person. Silent brother, John talked about making you a daughter-in-law in his palace.
I was so close to mutiny that I was going to be the head of the army and storm the palace, I was so mad When I arrived with the army, did I see that the head of Shukar was looking at my daughter?

It is better to give it to this disabled person than to give it to you. Stop crying. The girls around you are becoming slaves. You are crying for becoming the daughter-in-law of Khan.
Your turn will come too, just be patient, just let it go, it won’t bear the pain. As a child, you used to pull my hair.
It will be less painful than this. Serma cannot put any seal on our hearts. Why is Khan not in the room here?
I’m so scared to find it missing, I’m getting a fever, why this thief named himself the double-headed sheep, no one knows.
Every paw has a body and every body has a head, but who is its head and whose body is its body according to Siltuk.
Neither is his tribe. Maybe we killed his tribe. Maybe those arrows were thrown for revenge. Look at our ancestors. Just look at our original race.



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