Chauraha Episode No. 21 Junaid’s friends were sitting talking about ZohiaJust then Junaid comes there and he forbids them to tell us about Zohia, from there he goes to his father and insists on Zohia’s marriage.

And then leaves there Zohia’s mom tells Zohia that she can dance Zohia says mom I will try Naela hears all this and when Zohia goes out she finds Naela outside. And starts to recite it
Then Zohia listens to her upside down then Naila talks about her role and then Junaid comes there and slaps her then Nahla leaves in anger then Junaid goes and celebrates her meanwhile Naila’s Abu Zohia is there. They say to the mother
That my friend is having fungosis, she says baby, she says that we are newly married, so we will go, you get ready, she says, she says that it is ok
As they go out, Naila’s uncle comes from Pehche. When Zohya goes to open the door, she starts telling him and goes inside, where Naila starts to provoke them more.
And Zohya goes inside then Phoo Phoo follows her and starts narrating to her then Zohya listens to them in reverse and goes away and starts crying remembering her Phoo Phoo.

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