In the drama serial Barbaro 3 episode number 24, Khizr fights with Gabriel and he is also very dangerous,

Khizr captures Gabriel and on the other hand captures Gabriel’s soldier Baba Uroj.

Khizr grabs Gabriel and brings him outside, he says, “I have come to my kingdom,

I will save you. Gabriel says, my loyal follower, you will kill Uroog.

I am not afraid of death. Khizr and Gabriel.”

There is a lot of discussion between them, Gabriel doesn’t agree in any way,

so Khizr wants to take Gabriel with him.

khabardar, if anyone dares to come it will not be good.

Khizr takes Gabriel with him and Baba Aru remains in prison.

But Gable sticks to his word, he doesn’t listen to Khidr in any way.

Khidr punishes Gabriel a lot, but Gabriel doesn’t go back on his word,

so Khidr sends a message to Gabriel’s faithful Peru. Peru also tries to explain a lot,

but Gable keeps on his word, so Pasha says I will kill him, then Khizr forbids him.

Pasha says very angrily that he will kill no one, I will kill him in any case.

Meanwhile, they see many ships coming. They will not leave you.

I already wrote to the king, so this aid has arrived.

Now they will kill all of you.

Khizr stops him, Khizr says that the attack will be according to what Mir said,

so Pasha agrees. Blows up their ships



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