Barbrosa Episode 23

Barbrosa Episode 23


In the drama serial Yel Baar Baru episode 23 Shahrar asks Hasan to sit down and says sit here and

listen to me, what have you done? He does not even know that his brother has become the enemy of his life

shaher Yar is talking to Hasan, when Sa Beqa comes, she hears a voice and stops,

holding hands with Shahir Yar Hassan, who says take what you have to take and

spare me Hadi’s life. Do you want to call the bank balance home,

but for the sake of Allah, spare Hadi’s life.

You take everything from me, I will take Hadi far away from here.

Hasan says forgive me, city, R says just do it, don’t say I’m

The rest of Shahr Yar and Hasan become unconscious after hearing the words of Shahr

and Hasan. They run and pick up Beqa to ask what has happened. Hassan goes to fetch water.

If you call an aunt, after a while she comes and tells you

That Mba rik ho Chhota Khan will come to your house and I will take the earrings from you.

I don’t know how it happened, while Sabiqa comes to her senses and says that

Bekah says why all this is happening with us, we have never done anything wrong to anyone,

then why are you here with u







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