In the drama serial Dasathan Episode No. 2 Part 2

you will see that Akize Khan misses Batuga a lot and cries that how Khan did to us,

took away my father from me.And even after his mother had been away from Batuga for fifteen years,

Akize did not forget her, and Batuga swore that he would not speak to his father until he died.

Akize Khan left his tribe.And she starts living with her two sisters in a forest and keeps attacking Goku Khan’s soldiers,

which makes her a two-headed wolf.

Akiz Khan kills many of the soldiers of Gok Khan.

Gok Khan has a reward that he will give a reward to whoever catches this two-headed sheep,

so many of Gok Khan Ray Bande starts looking for Ekiz Khan

They search and come to the forest where Ekze Khan is talking to a child.

Ekze asks what are you doing child.

So he says, I am doing ablution for the worship of Allah, so she asks, you are not,

so the child who gives birth, I am not a Muslim, she says.

What kind of tribe is this, I have never heard of it, so she asks, where is your father,

the one who is oppressing now, he has gone to heaven with Allah,

Akiza says that your heaven is also like ours, is it my chapter too? Have gone to heaven

They are talking to each other that Gok Khan’s servants come there

and say have you seen the two-headed sheep, the child says.

Even if you have seen them, don’t tell them why they feed the hungry and release the prisoners.

He doesn’t know it’s a child. After they leave, Akiza takes out her mask and wears it.

Look, it’s a two-headed sheep. The child is very happy and says that it’s you.




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