Barbaroslar episode 29 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar episode 29 in Urdu dubbing

In this episode, Sipa Salar Urooj and his fellow soldiers attack the enemy commander and his fellow soldiers on the orders of their Sipa Salar Arooj to avenge their brother Ilyas Kabud on the battlefield.Sipa Salar Urooj is the first to attack

the enemy commander and grab his neck in his hand and the enemy commander is terrified.And Sipah Salar Arooj says to him: You forbade me to attack my brother Elias.And I told you that my brother Elias is a harmless man, and you will not be harmed.

On the other hand, the comrades of Sipa Salar Arooj attack the enemy soldiers with their swords.Sipa Salar Arooj’s fellow soldiers inflict severe injuries on the enemy soldiers and inflict heavy casualties on the enemy soldiers.Sip Salar Urooj

grabs the enemy commander by the neck and says that I told you that if you attacked my brother Elias then I will definitely take revenge on you.And now that time has come.At this, Sipa Salar further infuriates Arooj and pulls a pistol from his

fellow soldier and turns it towards the enemy commander.And he says that you have disobeyed me and attacked my brother Elias And now he is severely wounded and now he is in a life-and-death struggle I will not leave you alive now Sip Salar Arooj

starts firing at the enemy commander with his pistol So that Sipa Salar Arooj would kill him in exchange for his brother Elias.And Sip Salar Arooj says to the enemy commander: You attacked my brother Elias in front of my eyes and your fellow

Barbaroslar episode 29 in Urdu dubbing


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