Barbaroslar episode 26 part 2 in Urdu dubbing



Barbaroslar episode 28 part 2 in Urdu dubbing


In this episode, during the battle, Sipa Salar Urooj comes to him with his fellow soldiers on the battlefield, seeing one of his comrades lying on the ground injured.And when the soldiers on the battlefield rise with their fellow soldiers when

they reach their wounded comrades So Sipah Salar Urooj touches the mouth of his wounded comrade and calls him to his side.Sipa Salar Urooj shakes Elias with his comrades and Sipa Salar Urooj asks his injured comrade Ilyas why Elias does not speak.

And when the wounded comrade Elias does not speak despite being called by the commander of the army, the commander of the army tells his fellow soldiers that our comrade has been seriously injured.And he must be taken to the castle for treatment

so that his wounded companion Elias can be properly treated.So that Elias can recover quickly and increase the number of our loyal soldiers.And Sip Salar Urooj tells his fellow soldiers to pick up Elias quickly and arrange for a ride to the fort

so that the wounded comrade Elias can be taken to the fort on time on a ride to the fort.In the meantime, Sipa Salar Urooj’s fellow soldiers call out to Sipa Salar Urooj from afar that a ride has been arranged to take the wounded comrade Elias to

the fort. So many soldiers of Salar Arooj bring the cavalry closer to their wounded comrade Elias.So that the injured comrade Elias can be ridden comfortably and safely so that the injured comrade Elias does not get any more inconvenience while

riding.Sipa Salar Urooj and his companions mounted a chariot carrying their wounded comrade Elias towards the fort and turned the rider towards the fort.And Sip Salar Arooj and his fellow soldiers begin to take the cavalry towards the fort.


Barbaroslar episode 26 part 2 in Urdu dubbing


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