Barbaroslar Episode 22 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, after briefing Sipa Salar Agha Khizr on the ground map, a fellow soldier tells Sipa Salar Agha Khizr that Watini Dar Al-Salam is called Loita.And they say this is our island, its name is not Dar es Salaam, its real name

is Loita At this, General Salar Agha Khidr tells his fellow soldier that Loyota is Dar es Salaam and we have to try our best to conquer it.And at the same time we have to conquer the rest of the islands of the Mediterranean.And this duty is a sacred duty

for us which we have to do our best to fulfill And Loita is our first sign of victory over the rest of the Mediterranean islands.Sipa Salar Agha Khidr is giving his briefing to his fellow soldiers with which his fellow soldiers are completely satisfied

and expresses his readiness to start preparations to carry out the orders of Sipa Salar Agha Khidr.In the meantime, the Special Representative of the Commander-in-Chief, Agha Khidr, arrives and tells the Commander-in-Chief, Agha Khidr, that he has arrived.

And we can conquer Loyota and fly our flag there again.And re-name Loyota Dar-ul-Salam and call to prayer again in Loyota

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

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