Barbaroslar Episode 22 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 22 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Captain Salar Agha Khidr explains the ground map to his fellow soldiers and tells them that we have conquered the city of Kalminos.And now we have changed its name and now we have changed its name to Kalmaniz

and we have made it a part of our homeland.And this whole piece of land is an island.But we have to work hard to conquer all the islands of the Mediterranean and make it our homeland.And for that we have to increase our fighting force and the

number of fellow soldiers.Sipah Salar Agha Khidr is telling his fellow soldiers that this is just the beginning of the effort to conquer more areas, after which our first target is now the city of Loyota.And this is the area that we have

already conquered and on which our flag was hoisted here.Due to our shortcomings, Loyota left us and the infidels captured it and waved their flag in Loyota.Now we have to conquer it again with our strength and intelligence and military

methods and hoist our flag on it.And so Muslims have been living in Loita for many years and according to Islam they have been living their lives here and adhan has been given here for many years.And for many years Loyota has been called

Dar-ul-Islam.The island of Loyota is the most important of all the islands in the Mediterranean, says Aga Khidr.The island of Loita is also called the island of men, and these twelve islands of the Mediterranean are of great importance to

And all the comrades say that insha’Allah it will be so

Barbaroslar Episode 22 in Urdu dubbing

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