Barbaroslar Episode 20 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 20 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode Sipah Salar is present with Maryam in his palace and Sipah Salar is telling Maryam “The Crusaders and their commander Patiru are our enemy. We are at war with them and we must defeat them.”So many commanders chasing Patero’s Crusaders

Come there They find out that Sipa Salar and Maryam are present in this palace room Commander Patero’s Crusaders knock on the door of the palace room And outside the door of the palace room is called Sipa Salar Open the door. We know you are in this room.If you do not

open the door of the room, we will break down the door of the room.In the meantime, the crusaders of Commander Patero push the door of the room and the door opens on its own.And the Crusaders come into the room. Soldiers and Mary are in the room.Sipah Salar tells Maryam

that Patero and these crusaders are our enemies.The Crusaders fight with the Crusaders. The Crusaders fight with the Crusaders with great courage.Maryam doesn’t understand anything and the soldier prefers to remove Salar with her own hands And she stabs Sipa Salar with

her hands so that she does not fall into the hands of the living enemy.

Barbaroslar Episode 20 in Urdu dubbing

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