Barbaroslar Episode 18 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 18 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Captain Khidr Rice and his soldiers take the soldiers of the enemy Commander Carabe hostage and put them in their boat.Soon after, Captain Salar Khizr Rice arrives in the boat.And when he looks at his army chief Khidr Rais,

this army chief Khidr Rais addresses Yarli and says Why do you wonder if we have made a wrong decision? Yarley says that we have made a big mistake.And now it has become difficult for us to live on earth.At this, General Khidr Rais asks his soldier Yarli to

tell him what happened On this Yarley tells his commander Salar Khidr Rice that our Rise Rise and some of our comrades were under siege by the enemy.And they fought the enemy with great courage and bravery, but they did not succeed.And the enemy soldiers

Our Rise has martyred Rice and our comrades.Siplar Salar Khizr Rais is very upset about this news and Yarli offers his condolences to Sip Salar Khizr Rais.And Siplar Salar Khidr Rais and his fellow soldiers are very saddened to hear this news.Meanwhile,

in the jungle, there is news of the martyrdom of Uruj Rice’s daughter Koro J Rice and her soldiers.At this height, Rice’s bat comes to the forest in a state of anxiety, looking for her father.And she is shouting madly that you sent the news but you did

not come.I’m very worried about you. Come quickly. I’m very worried.On the other side, the commander of the enemy army, along with his comrades, comes to the forest in search of Patero.But they do not find Patiro, so the enemy commander tells his comrades

that we are late. Patiro hides and he sees in the forest.There is Mary, daughter of Urooj Rice, and he wonders what she has come here to do When the enemy commander does not see a leaf in the forest, he says in astonishment That I will keep looking for you

and I will keep catching you.And we will enter Kalimanos with great success.On the other hand, the funeral of Urooj Rais is prepared and the soldiers of Urooj Rais gather around his funeral.

Barbaroslar Episode 18 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

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