Barbaroslar Episode 18 in Urdu dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 18 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, during the battle of Carabao, the soldiers besiege Khidr Rice’s comrades.And threatens to kill them, and on the other side of the battle, General Khidr Rice, along with some of his comrades, engaged

in combat operations.Their enemy commanders enter Carabe’s camp, where Carabe and his fellow commanders are eating.Commander Khidr Rice orders his soldiers to eat Carabe and his companions at the table.Kill them. Soldiers of Khidr Rice

Obeying the commander’s orders, they place their swords on the necks of fellow commanders in the chairs of Kara Bay.He then tells General Khidr Rice Carabe to order his troops to end the siege of our comrades.Otherwise, my soldiers

will cut off the necks of the military commanders sitting on the chairs in front of you from their bodies and kill them.And command your troops to break the siege of our soldiers.And you are running out of time. Carabao’s military

commander, sitting on chairs, asks Cara Bay to end the siege.Carabe is watching all this carefully.Army chief Khidr Rice tells enemy commander Carabe if you do not order the siege of our soldiers to end So my soldiers will kill your

soldiers and blame it on you.At this, the enemy commander, Sipa Salar, tells Khidr Rice’s soldiers to lower their swords. I am now commanding my troops.That they should end the siege of your soldiers and let your comrades go.On this,

General Khidr Rice calls on the enemy commander Carabe until your troops end the siege of our troops.Until then, your military commanders will be in our custody Commander Barbroslara orders his soldier Yarley to get the boats ready

quickly and take them with him.In reply Yarley says that as your order is my Khidr Rice. He prepares to carry out the immediate order.”We should let go of these dogs and not kill them,” says another soldier, Khidr Rice.At this,

General Khidr Rice removes his swords from the rest of Carabe’s comrades and asks them to go with him.Carabao’s military commandos rise from their seats and leave with General Salar Khizr Rice.

Barbaroslar Episode 18 in Urdu dubbing

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