Barbaros Urdu

Everything was going well now that the one whom Khidr Khairo Din had sent to help his brother was nearby. He deceitfully told the Crusaders of Rhodes that Arooj was in fact a merchant.

And her brother is willing to pay a high price for her release Thus the release of the ascension which had been obtained in eight hundred dinars It was immediately canceled and Arooj was imprisoned by the Crusaders in an underground cell.

In order to make him suffer more, humiliation in prison had increased with the rise. The Crusaders also tortured him. After that, Arooj prayed to his Lord one night

My Lord, deliver me from this bondage. That night, in a dream, Arooj saw an old man Encouraging him not to grieve over the difficulties that come in the way of Islam

You will soon be relieved of this affliction This dream lit the lamp of hope for the rise. The next morning the captains of the island of Rhodes began to discuss the changing seas

Today, Arooj is in captivity, lest one of us go through these conditions tomorrow Therefore, it was found that Arooj should be taken out of the underground prison and given the task of sailing in a boat.

It was more like a prison than a prison for the heyday Because the sea was his love. When he reached the sea, Arooj always planned his release

But due to extreme surveillance, it was impossible to implement. But nature was kind to Aruj. Aruj’s mother, brothers, friends and her own prayers were to bring color.

Barbaros Episode 1 Urdu


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