Drama Serial Yel Bakhtawar Episode No. 7 Bakhto is coming home,

on the way, the local men are sitting smoking cigarettes, then they see Bakhto,

so they call Bakhto, Bakhto, Bakhto stops, then Sheeda says what? The thing is, today,

if you believe in something, Bakhtu remains silent

And Sheeda says take a kiss and you will forget your pain.

Bakhto takes a cigarette from Sheeda and drinks it.

She asks why it is late today, so Bakhtu stays silent,

so her mother comes near her.

Where is the smell of cigarette coming from,

so Bakhtawar says that she has to do work all day

so the smell will come. She says yes, I have drunk

Yegert and you have no need to ask everything and no need to tell me what to do and what not to

Bakhtawar’s mother looks at Bakhtawar very surprised and comes

She says I know what Mir Dil is saying and slaps Bakhtawar

And she leaves from there. Bakhtawar later realizes that I have made a mistake.

She goes and asks for forgiveness from her

Then her mother says that she knows that I have no one but you and then like that.

She started working due to which we have been ruined before, so Bakhtawar says, give me worry once.


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