At the beginning of the drama serial bakhtawar Episode No. 5, Bakhtu leaves The New Curry from Dhaba,

now he is at the dhaba that Dilawar Sahib comes there, Bakhtawar starts going,

then Dilawar asks where Are You going, Then Bakhtu says that I have left Naukr

And he says, “It is very difficult to come to the servant from tomorrow, he comes home.

He comes home and tells his mother that I have left dhaba’s new curry, then his mother is very happy

and the next day Bakhtawar reaches the office on time, there Dilawar Sahib is found there

Dilawar behaves very well and starts explaining the work to Bakhtu and at the same time asks

that you do something. Even if it is written, Bakhtu says yes,

I am preparing for BA in the head, then Dilawar says that he is happy and says: From today,

if you are my personal secretary, if you get a phone call or any guest or any other meeting,

keep a record of all these, Dilawar asks that if you know how to run the computer,

then Bakhtu becomes frustrated and says that if the head does not come,

but I will learn very soon. Bakhtu says that the head is one yard, sir,

if you are not angry, Dilawar says that if you speak, then Bakhtu should come part-time in the head.

Until I am done, I will go after all the work, then Dilawar says, “Okay, pay attention to the fall

and prepare hard and do not worry about the money.”



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