In the drama serial Bakhtawar episode no. 6, Bakhto comes home and starts thinking that

I can come in my original form in front of Dilawar sir.

Now the name of Dilawar is Sher Zaman

He says you are explaining me instead of explaining Dilawar.

Sher Zaman says I have seen that he can’t do anything for himself.

What does Horiya like and all these things can be seen in Horiya.

On the other hand, while playing chess with her father,

Horiya says that I like Dilwar very much.

It will be what Sher Zaman wants and Sher Zaman will not do his political career anymore.

Bakhtawar sleeps while combing her hair and says to her mother how much I used to love her.

Let me make my hair long. His mother says how good he looked

Long hair and beautiful face, Bakhtawar cries and says that I still look good.

Bakhtawar is watering the flowers. If so, Bakhtawar goes inside the house in anger




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