In the drama serial Bakhtavar Episode No. 11, you will see that Bakhtavar is embarrassed,

then Sheeda goes after him and throws a sharp arrow at him and runs away.

That acid falls on the mouth of another college girl, not on Bakhtavar,

and the pig gets stuck there and Bakhtavar also runs away. Ri stops him and talks to him

Everything is fine, why are you running away,

is there any problem? She tells that someone has thrown something in the girl’s face and her face is badly burnt.

If so, Dilwar says to her, don’t worry, I will drop you home

Dilawar comes to leave her home. Bakhtawar comes home in a very troubled state.

Sheeda stops her and says that if you take my name,

I will kill you so that you don’t show your face to anyone.

Qabil will not stay, Bakhtawar comes home, she is very happy

His mother asks if something has happened, but why is she not telling me,

but she is still confused. Talks and tells the address of Sheede’s house.

Two days later, the police catch Shede and take her away.

Horiya comes to Delavar and talks to him, why are you taking this case so personally?

So he says that there is no such thing, it is our duty to take care of those on whose vote we become MNAs,

but Horiya doesn’t agree, she says that it is something else that you don’t want to tell.

Huraiya says ok, you fight in that way, this is the way they see in the case

If he won’t win, Dilawar says ok, Horiya leaves from there. Bakhtu is very happy.

She goes to office for two days. What is the matter, Bakhtu,

then what he gives now does not matter to the head




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