Bad zaat episode 30



Daniel is asleep at the beginning of episode 30 of the drama serial Badzat and is sitting and thinking How her mother-in-law told her that it was not your time to inherit this family but I would like it

If you let go of this chain, I can help you. Will help make you rich? Then she sees that Daniel says that you can’t leave without answering me. Daniel says that she is very happy. You can blackmail me because of this child.
It doesn’t matter, you and this child don’t understand. You have to tell me, Daniel.And she also grabs her feet and begs for forgiveness from my mother again. Beha can’t sleep because of her mother-in-law. She is sitting on the lawn outside.
And he says what is the matter, sleep is not coming, then Beha says, “Wali, thank you, Wali, what is the matter?”
Beha says you obeyed me. If you disobeyed me, Willie says no, not only for you but for yourself.Your peace is in your peace. No need to hug. Nice to hear that. Beha says.
With these words Wali says all this I have done for you and every word of yours I feel obligated. I don’t know why I will fulfill this relationship as it is obligatory.




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