Alp Arsalan in Episode No. 9Two reasons are given for the differences between the two. One group of historians is of the opinion that Begum ordered the punishment of the Turks, while the Confederates acquitted them.

And when they recommended their release, Begu became very angry and struck the Federation with a sword.It was almost at that time that these two got angry and their companions and friends started fighting with each other.

and settled the matter and reconciled the two. Another group of historians states that the reason for the difference between the two is that Begum once wanted to invade the Islamic region of the neighbourhood.
Seljuq’s father strictly forbade him not to attack the Muslims.His opposition to Bego’s intention led to an argument between the two which became very long

And the situation reached such a point that both armed and came in front of each other and it was not far that the companions of both would collide with each other.
But some great Turkish leaders came between them and made peace. The son of this confederation was named Seljuq and they say that Seljuq was born in those days.
When peace was made between Federation and Baigu, the circumstances of Seljuq’s childhood are shrouded in darkness.
And the historians do not write about it in detail but they also say that his training was well doneAnd he was the successor of his good advic” frameborder=”0″ allow=”aut


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