In Alp Arsalan episode no.8This sultan of Muslims with his army of twenty thousand not only destroyed six lakh army of the Romans and badly defeated them, but also captured alive Romanus and Devjanus of the Romans.

And his great-grandfathers were also arrested and made prisoners. This sultan of Muslims was Alp Arslan Seljuk. Sultan Alp Arslan was born in 425 AH and his father Chagri Beg of the areas from Nishapur to Sachu river. Wally was
Alp Arsalan’s father’s elder brother Tughril Beg was the ruler of the Seljuks, and on his side, Alp Arsalan’s father Chagri Beg was the governor of these areas. His father’s name was Fed
who was the leader of a powerful group of Turks and he was a special close and adviser to the king of the Turks.
While Seljuq’s father was a very wise and handsome person, he was very brave and brave and did not hold his own in bravery and courage.
Because of his courage and boldness, the Turks used to call him by the name of Imam, and the king of the Turks had so much confidence in him that he did not do anything without his advice.
Whether he was young or old, he consulted him in everything he did and then he acted so much that he had so much confidence in him that at one point a fight broke out between Begu and him and so much disagreement started between them.
It was almost that the war between them would have reached Wajdal, but the influential chieftains came between them and made peace between them.
And thus the differences between them were reduced






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