In Alp Arsalan episode 7 when the Muslim armies saw their SultanSo such a situation arose, they started raising takbeer in excitement and shouting slogans

The hiccups and sobs of the soldiers on the occasion were heard when their Sultan came out of the padhu and came towards the front of the army.
So they saw him riding a white horse and wearing a shroud instead of his Imran AbbasThe Sultan of the Muslims who came before his army, then in the army

Again and again the Muslim army raised their swords in the air and started shouting slogansThe leaders of the Muslims standing in front of the army were looking forward to the arrival of their Sultan

There was one in his heart that his sultan came forward wearing a shroud on this occasion.That war is not you or us, and then the sultan’s coming forward without wearing a shroud like this had created excitement among the soldiers.

He was seen among the few warriors in history after the arrival of his Sultan when the MuslimsHe was chanting takbeers in his passion when the sultan of the Muslims started the war

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