Alp Arslan Episode 35 Part  1

Alp Arslan Episode 35 Part  1

At the beginning of the drama Seril Alp Arsalan Episode No. 35, Page 1, you will see that the Governor of Sarma goes to the gate of the fort with his soldiers.

And he tells his soldiers to attack and the soldiers go to the door and try to get inside.

But the door is locked from inside, the governor says, “All together, close the door.” All the soldiers attack the door together.

And after opening the door, the governor’s soldiers also enter, Alp Arslan’s soldiers beat them, the governor says.

Cursed attack you all together and kill them all the governor’s soldiers go in together and the governor and his son also go in. The governor looks very happy.

So sultan beg says the one you are looking for is not here he is gone gour nar gets angry at his soldiers how did this happen the soldier says

Alp Arslan was not there. Gornar tells Alp Arslan’s soldiers that he ran away.

After leaving you here in trouble, the governor says to Malik Sultan that it is better for you to put down your weapons.

And anyway you can prove to be a very powerful soldier for me, Malik Sultan says, for that you will get my body.

You can’t arrest me if I’m alive. All the soldiers of Al Arslan say that we will not lay down our arms, but Enal Sahab keeps it as a sign.

“Surrender,” says the Gour-Nar, “I will release all your enemies. If you surrender, then Malik Sultan lowers his sword.”

Alp Arslan’s remaining soldiers say that you are not doing well. Gorunner’s soldiers capture them all. Gorunner says.

Now you will also die Alp Arslan gorunner says hang them all then Malik Sultan says what did you promise

That you will leave my soldiers. The governor starts to hang the soldiers. Alp Arsalan hugs one of the soldiers.

When he cut the noose, everyone came forward wondering where Alp Arsalan had come from.

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