At the beginning of the drama serial Alp Arsalan Episode No. 34, Page 2, you will see that Alp Arsalan comes to attack Sarmani.

And with many of his soldiers, he tries to break the gate of the fort, but after a long struggle, they fail to break the gate of the fort.

He enters all the soldiers, there is no one there, Alp Arslan says back off, it’s between us as they all start to go back.

And the gate of the fort is closed and as Alp Arslan comes to the gate, the governor is standing there and the governor says, “Now you have no way to rest your arms.” To take

Governor says look now you are inside now you can’t take anything from here Alp Arsalan says our faith is strong and I will take tomorrow if not today Governor says

You cannot take what is mine, there is something else that is very good. Arrest the two soldiers of Alp Arsalan who are with the governor and bring them to Alp Arsalan. Or go

And then these two nine soldiers are killed with Alp Arslan. The governor says that if you don’t surrender now, many of your soldiers will be killed.

Ata Bey says that when we come back, we will also kill the person who gave you this news.

“Who told him what?” Gour Nar says, “I don’t know you. How can I believe you that Alp Arsalan will attack Sarmani?”

Ok wife says I will never believe Malik Arsalan or leave him because he hurt Anal Bag.

And I came to know that whoever works for your pleasure works for Malik Arsalan, but he does not do it for you, so he told Malik Arsalan.

Go Runner immediately stands up because she was saying everything right now they are talking ok says to Anal.

Now Alp Arsalan will die, he also says in the hands of the governor, he is very surprised and says, what have you done, you have ruined my whole game.




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