In the drama serial Alp Arsalan Episode No. 33 Part 2, you will see that Arsalan listens to Yusuf Cha Gharis Sahab.

And he says to one of his soldiers, “Give me something so that I can change my disguise.”

The soldier asks why this is not done, and the soldier says, do as much as you have been told

He brings some things and Arslan Yusuf checks it carefully and says it’s all the stuff of Anna’s death.

He will not die now. He goes and sits next to Alp Arslan, where Enal Beg’s wife is also sitting on his lap.

And Alp tells Arsalan that Anal Beg is innocent, someone else is doing it to frame him.

Ok Hatun gets very angry and at once takes out her dagger and starts to kill Arsalan Yusuf, then Atansar holds her hand.

And Alp Arslan gets up very angry and OK Hatun says that she has sent servants to kill Anil Baig.

Arslan Yu Suf is behind killing him. Malik Arslan says that there are many things that you do not know, so he has told you.

Don’t enter it. Ok, the woman leaves very angry and the ambassador sits and watches all this.

And Alp Arsalan’s mother, Suljan Hato, and Chaghri Sahib and Alp Arsalan’s best friend are also very surprised to see all this.

A dagger-maker is brought from Hara, whom they try to kidnap on the way.

The ambassador and Alp Arslan reach there and rescue him from there, and Ha Toon also goes there and supports them.

Arslan Yusuf kidnaps the governor’s daughter and takes her away.Governor’s daughter throws a stone at Arslan Yusuf.

And she runs away from there, but she can’t go far, and two husbands and wives are bringing something from the mouth.

She asks them to help me, save me, he will kill me

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