Alp arslan episode 32 part 1


Alp arslan episode 32 part 1

What happened, why did you block my way? Why didn’t anyone else stop me? I went out for a walk in the fort I was short of breath after all this is against caution go to the fort immediately I am not going anywhere travel lady don’t try my patience

And let the horses ride each rider. I cannot be commanded by you. I am not in awe of your fame and name.On your request, I will not go to this cursed place.

I will go, if you don’t agree, I will take you seriously. Beware, don’t even attempt such a thing
We are engaged in the struggle to make Vaspur Akan a Darul Islam. With the blessing of victory, we will convert the big church here into a mosque. We are also building mosques at different places.
Yes of course and you guys will also be strengthening the walls of the fort. Yes, after the work is done, they will be stronger than before and will not be able to fall
Yes, after the work is done, they will be stronger than before and will not be able to fall
Thank you foreigners. Water is a basic thing. There should be public water wells in every corner of the city. Don’t worry, only women have already dug wells.
Will make more, MashaAllah, let me son, everything is fine, mother, everything is fine, I just want to rest, Hassan sir. Alp Arsalan’s face is ready for trouble.

There is no problem, God willing. There is no problem, woman, don’t worry, there is something, but sooner or later, it will come out. Seljan woman, just look, the wound should be taken care of.
Huzoor will apply the ointment. It is not necessary. What does it mean? There is no need. My brother said, “No, Sulmyan, no one should know about this incident.”
Then call Akinaya and get her bandaged. She will not tell anyone. There is nothing to worry about. I will see to it. Then you bring medicine and cloth.

Mr. Salmian. I don’t know whether this is included in my duties or not, but my heart is troubled. What has happened? What is the problem?
We have been saying that it is good for the noble Saljuqs and we also want good, but this woman has tried to take your life at the first opportunity.
What will be the end of this matter Safariya What is the meaning of you stabbing Alp Arslan Let me clean my two Safariya marks now what will you say to father?
Dad, what happened, daughter, this blood is not mine, Alp Arsalan was stabbed, it is from me with a dagger, what are you saying, you heard it right, Dad, I stabbed him with a dagger.
Baba Huzur. It was not his intention to kill me and today, today, who is so bold, can’t do anything. Traders have come and want to meet. They walk with bandages.
Huzoor is not ready, Mr. Yenal. Get away from me, Mr. Yenal, we inform you of your arrival. You cannot enter now.
Alp Arslan, the voice did not come, my Puradasivakan are listening to your voice, what do you want?
I want my steel back if we don’t pull out our weapons to stop it from happening
So it doesn’t mean that it became your property, someone wants to grab your property, you know your mistake, that’s why you are making noise, you have become rich with a handful of land.



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