In the drama serial Alp Arsalan episode number 32 part 2,

you will see that Alp Arsalan is sitting in his room and talking.

When a soldier comes and says that Arsalan has regained consciousness,

they all go quickly and ask him.

And on whose request they wanted to kill Arsalan,

they were very afraid and said that he had come to kill the ambassador, not Arsalan.

I wanted to kill him, he is a dog, why and at the request of whom,

then he who now allows me to do this, said Anal Sahab.

So everyone is very puzzled as to why the ambassador or Hatoan Alp Arsalan has deep thoughts and looks at Anal.

Alp Arsalan, who is surprised that he is doing this with him, says that until the truth is known, the rooms will not go out.

Ahina L is locked in the room, she is very loud that she is innocent, she has not done anything like this.

Alp Arsalan and her sister are talking.

Alp Arslan asks if you are alright then she says yes I am alright she starts to go then turns back and says brother

he looks back then she says brother I wanted to say uncle Annal I am innocent

He himself has heard everything, then he goes and talks to Chaghri Sahab that there is someone else who does not want to kill Anal,

then he goes and talks to Anal.

That I know everything, you are innocent, but we have to do this to know the truth,

then Anil also understands, then she tries to escape from there.

And he realizes and he runs away, he is on the way to be attacked.

As Alp goes to Arslan and fails and Anal goes straight to the Governor and tells him

My life is in danger, that’s why I came here to you. The governor is very happy.


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