Alp Arsalan episode number 30 part 2

Alp Arslan is the rich man of Vaspur Khan, he wants to meet you, sir, bring him to me as you wish, let him see the cross, he will make Surmaveed prosperous with his shadow.
I know why you assign Accident to this important duty, although his loyalty is unquestionable, he is your most rebellious alp, the fact that no one doubts the fact that he is a disobedient Turkoman chieftain.
which contradicts you and we have no doubts about his commitment to the state and tour we will go and see the governor now what do you say do you think he will give the rest of the merchants’ property I don’t know if he will return It will not come
But I will take them and go to the deadly trading inn, so you are the wife of Ibrahim Enal, are you here to pay for the clothes that you have?
I promised Aniyal Sahib, but Alp Arsalan Sahib said that Alp Arsalan Sahib’s words are not his, they are troubling me, they are Aniyal Sahib’s as far as I know.
And what I am here to inform you is that Enal Sahib’s words will not go in vain. We will not allow it. The iron is in the iron. gave me
They’ve left me no choice but calm down MATHU If we want to continue trading you need to warn your soldiers CAPTAIN They can’t try to stop me again Look at the iron in the other basket
Methos OK lady and I will go in during this time and exchange all the details of our ongoing trade so you are ready to go for the campaign but what if something goes wrong?
What could go wrong Zirin Alp Arslan would never let anyone live who made an attempt on his life, he would probably send us out into the light of day. Thank God we are finally free from the Seljuk hell. will
We have been very patient. I miss Bohra a lot. Gilles must have missed me a lot. Get ready to go, Zareen.I had to do it

Alp Arslan sir I had to do it awesome we did everything you said well I can’t wait to see this giant in Surmadutrajart standing.
Do we still not know about Alp Aghut sir. Takfur Hazrat is waiting for you only you are welcome Alp Arsalan sir to be honest you are very lucky.
If you have not seen this magnificent work, you have not seen anything because it will leave for Surmaveda’s inn today and because you have not traded with us.
So you will not be able to see him when you come to the inn, so you keep stealing and we keep watching in the shadow of the cross which is holy to you.







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