Alp Arslan Episode 29 Part 1


Alp Arslan Episode 29 part 1


In the drama serial episode number 29, Alp Arsalan’s uncle says to Alp Arsalan that

how can you marry the daughter of this bad-mouthed man. has taken

And says that you will not do that.

He saves Arslan Yusuf and tells his uncle Kamal that you will not touch him after today.

Kamal is very angry.

I will see you Kamal Pasha Alp goes to Gurnar to deceive Arslan and says I want to work with you.

Governer is very happy looking at his son and says how will you work then Kamal says

I am the king of these roads I can do anything so Governer He says ok Kamala Pasha comes back

Meanwhile, Alp Arslan Kamal Pasha’s brother says to his other uncle,

“You will stay with him and give me all the news.” Silan follows him

When Kamal reaches Go-Runner, Go-Runner is very happy.

At the same time, Alp Arsalan reaches and says that

I told the governor not to do something like this with me,

it will be very bad, but you did not stop your action.





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