Drama Serial Alp Arsalan Episode No. 24 Part No. 1Didn’t I tell you that I couldn’t see the tears in my daughter’s eyes? I was joking. I didn’t want to disturb you.
I am going to Ustad al-Biruni in the main place you said tell me will you go with me he says I will go with you surely you are talking about an important issue

I bothered you I’m sorry I get the horses ready you come I’ll tell them the truth This is what I want but not now But why can’t we tell them the truth I’m waiting for victory I’ll tell them then I will tell you when everything is ours
He has sworn that if he finds out that it was Munaws who killed my mother and took me away, he will lose his mind, he will not let me go there and not allow me to meet Munaws. will
I can’t prepare for the wedding before I make my claim. It wouldn’t be fair.Let’s understand that we won’t have to wait a little longer. We will hold our wedding ceremony after the victory. It will be appropriate.

My Sultan, My Sultan, are you fine?I’m fine Khwaja I’m fine you look around and see if there’s anyone else I think we should go to the palace as you ordered there aren’t many injured

Khawaja, even if the wound is small, it should not be treated immediately, God forbid, the dagger can be poisonous.
Alp Arsalan sir, even though I didn’t want to, I listened to you and Archa daughter. Who is Archa daughter’s father and how did he know that he is alive?
Lip Aghot told me you were just about to get married that you got such news. Yes, these savages are despicable. The Kaiser who sent Okas and Dev Chand on the same day must have some motive.
Alp Aghus being the center of the sun jocks near us, our army losing the Nai village, hovering around Alp Arslan and all the dirt that has been exposed.
Think of the pain you will have in the world after hearing these events be damned, but Caesar has every reason to get what he wants.
Dukas Devchand and that Arkadev these three came to spread filth everywhere but Caesar will fail Dukas died Devchand will marry Anu and go back
Only Lipart will be left to compete with us. I hope Damil Akhtar has gone to hell. Sultan, what are you talking about?

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