Israel put another arrow in my hand and said send it to meMahmud Ghaznavi said, “If this is not enough, then Israel also placed its command in front of Sultan Mahmud.”

And said that this command will be sent to me and I will at the same time send two lakhs to help you
I will present the warriorIt is said that Sultan Mahmud, for example, could not leave this powerful man open in front of the country, so he locked Israel inside the Qila Colleges.
He died seven years later in 430 A.H. After that, his son Qaltamish somehow managed to escape from Ghaznavi and reach his loved ones in Bukhara.
Later, the Romans moved towards Anatolia and defeated the people there.As long as Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi was alive, those people continued to live quietly, but when Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi left the world.

Salju Qi was once again strong and gaining momentum Originally, the Seljuqs had five sons, Israel, and after the capture of Mikael Israel, his son was killed.

Go and settle in Asia and while they were fighting, he established his government. The second son Yunus was nameless and he had no children. The third son Meyal had only one son whose name was Abraham. He also had only one son, his name was Hashim

He also remained anonymous in history and the name of the fifth son was Mikael His father was killed in a battle during the life of the Seljuks



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