Alp arslan episode 14 part 1


AlpA Raslan episode number 14 part number oneplease please get us out of here for god’s sake get us out of here it’s the end of the road we have nowhere to run
Alp Arslan sir listen to me I will bury you in what you have lost no one will help you the proof I was looking for with great effect is now at the tip of my sword now who will save you from me I suggest you leave me and sheath your sword
You have locked up these oppressed people here and killed others and planned these people and put your blame on me.
Put down your sword and Amir gentlemen, by the way, she is talking about this time, shouldn’t Alp Arsalan Sahib and his colleagues get rid of this slander first?
That’s when they were going to celebrate together, then they all could say that inshallah Khan Sahib will find some way or the other, look at this girl, how she is smiling with the soldier, come here, listen, where are you going?

i tribe I’ll go and tell you to catch this mad woman. Let me go, come here, no, let me go, come here, let go, my love, take a look, take a look, look back, your mother, my mother, my mother, what is she doing here?
Have they followed you, Dara Jaan is my shadow, it seems

They dragged them here. When I wanted to see Alp Arslan, my brother Tughril said andIt would be good if I could see Alp Arsalan. With your permission, I want to go there and investigate the matter. Amir Gazar is already investigating the matter.
Hasan sir, leave me, my dear, wait, help, here is an infidel soldier, this is the sound of a car, I hope that something is wrong.
Come on, hurry up, soldiers. In a deserted street, an innocent child is trembling with fear.He pointed to the house, were you looking to see what it was that scared him so much?

This is the same little innocent child who showed me this place, this is the same child whose mother you killed or the poor people would have killed those people too if it wasn’t for this child.
You were the last person I expected to see here. You stand here in front of me.I am yours in everything related to Qaramti, so go, stay away, let him go, he wants to give me water, this child will also go with me, we will take care.


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