Alp Arsalan Episode 11At the beginning of some people have written that this happened in the middle of the 4th Hijri or earlier and some people say that this event happened in 375 Hijri.

Some time after reaching Jund, Seljuq and his entire tribe accepted Islam and as soon as they accepted Islam, they became nomadic warriors who became the strong arms of Islam.
Before accepting Islam, these Seljuqs and other Turkic tribes generally lived the life of nomads, they were neither familiar with civilization nor did they know anything about religion.
They kept sheep and goats and horses for which the grass grew in abundance in the pastures. These people were naturally very simple and hardworking.
They made their clothes from the hair of sheep and made their tents from their skins. The main habitat of these Turks was a great mountain pass between Turksan and Balad China in the middle of Isha.
Later, these people came out of this pass and settled in Turksan, then they reached the banks of the Sajjan river.
These Turks did not answer their bravery in bravery and bravery. Courage was included in their pride.They often lived together and sometimes they robbed caravans

The manners and customs of these people were strikingly similar to those of the Arab Bedouins of the Jahiliyyah period, when Muslim rulers first invaded the territories of the Turks.






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