Alp Arsalan Episode 10When he was still young, his father Fafaq died, then the king of the Turks, Begu, took him under his protection and made him the commander of his army by giving him a very lovely and beautiful and noble title.

And gradually the relations of the Seljuqs increased to such an extent that the king began to seek advice from him in all matters. This made the ears of the other chiefs stand up and they began to make plans to overthrow him in the eyes of the king of the Seljuqs.
The wife of Begu, the king of the Turks, also joined these conspiratorial chiefs. Once in the court of Seljuq, she sat very close to the Musand Shahi.
So he said to his king Begu that this young man does not care about royal etiquette as of now, he has no sense of royal etiquette.

This is how it is in the beginning, God only knows what it will do in the future, how it will violate royal etiquette.

Begu had already become somewhat suspicious after listening to the incitement of his chiefs and the talk of the Seljuqs.

And after listening to his wife’s words, he became an enemy of the Seljuqs and started looking for a suitable opportunity to destroy the Seljuqs.

So to avoid his attack, one day he quietly migrated with his tribe to Mawra-ul-Nahar.And no one came to know about their migration and they took up residence at the place of Jund.






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