Alp Arsalan Episode 9 in urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 9 in urdu dubbing

The episode begins with Sultan Muhammad Tughral convening a jirga of his ministers at his palace.In which all the ministers of Sultan Muhammad Tughral join. In this jirga, Sultan Muhammad Tughral speaks to his ministers If for some reason we do not appoint a governor

in the city of the caliph, it will not have a good effect in the Islamic world and it will not be considered good.But soon we will make a better decision and appoint a good governor for the city of Khalifa.This decree of Sultan Muhammad Tughral is very satisfying.In

the meantime Sultan Muhammad Tughral’s ambassador comes to the palace with a message and he tells That Sultan Alp Arslan and his associates had entered the palace of the Byzantine governor through secret passages.And we kept them in a secret room in the ground.Where

no danger can reach them. Sultan Alp Arsalan and his associates hoisted their flag on Wasporanak which is considered as the center of power.Upon hearing this news, Sultan Muhammad Tughral and his companions would be very happy and Sultan Muhammad Tughral says that

Allah is thankful Who helped us to see this day of victory today. And Sultan Muhammad Tughral praises Allah for it.Then Sultan Muhammad Tughral Kaspahi tells his Sultan that after that I have another good news.n this Sultan Muhammad Tughral tells his soldiers that

may Allah Almighty give you the strength to listen to good news all your life.In response, the soldiers of Sultan Muhammad Tughral say that our lives are present for you in every way.Sultan Muhammad Tughral tells his companions that when you go to Wasporanak So

congratulations to my nephew Muhammad Alp Arsalan on my conquest of Wasporanak and may Allah grant my nephew more success.Who honored our distorted tribes and who has taken back our lands Where the blood of our elders was shed.At the same time, he has conquered

the center of Byzantium.Sultan Muhammad Tughral says that our nephew has made us happy.After this Sultan Muhammad Tughral tells his companions to listen to me carefully.

Alp Arsalan Episode 9 in urdu dubbing

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