Alp Arsalan Episode 54 Part 2

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Alp Arslan Episode 54: Recap, Review, and Future Predictions

If you’re a fan of historical dramas, you might have heard of Alp Arslan, a Turkish TV series that depicts the life and times of Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan (1029-1072) and his struggle against Byzantine and other enemies. The series premiered on TRT1 in October 2021 and has been airing new episodes every week, attracting a large audience in Turkey and abroad. In this article, we’ll focus on the latest episode, Alp Arslan Episode 54, and analyze its plot, characters, and themes, as well as its potential impact on the show’s popularity and online visibility.


Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Alp Arslan Episode 54 picks up from where the previous episode left off, with Alp Arslan (played by Emre Kivilcim) and his loyal soldiers pursuing the fleeing Byzantine army led by Romanos IV (played by Ali Gözüsirin) and his nephew Michael (played by Burak Yörük). The battle scene is intense and realistic, with arrows, swords, and horses clashing in the muddy terrain. Alp Arslan manages to capture Michael, but Romanos manages to escape with most of his troops. Alp Arslan orders his men to take care of the wounded and bury the dead, including his fallen friend and mentor Sanjar (played by Hakan Yufkacigil).

Back in the Seljuk camp,

Alp Arslan receives the good news that his wife Zubeyde (played by Burcu Kiratli) has given birth to a healthy son, who is named Malik Shah (after Alp Arslan’s future successor and son-in-law). Alp Arslan is overjoyed and thanks Allah for his blessings, but also expresses his concern for the future of his dynasty and the dangers that his enemies pose. He confides in his vizier Nizam al-Mulk (played by Ugur Günes) and asks him to keep an eye on his ambitious brother Qutalmish (played by Cemal Toktas) and his other potential rivals. Nizam al-Mulk assures Alp Arslan of his loyalty and competence, but also hints at his own political ambitions and agenda.


Romanos IV returns to Constantinople with his surviving troops and faces the wrath of the Byzantine aristocracy and clergy, who blame him for the defeat and humiliation of the Roman Empire. Romanos tries to defend himself and his strategy, but is eventually deposed and blinded, as was the tradition for failed emperors. Michael, who had been captured by Alp Arslan, is treated more mercifully and offered to convert to Islam and serve the Seljuk Sultanate as a vassal. Michael agrees and is renamed Yusuf, but also plots his revenge against Alp Arslan and his followers.

The episode ends with two ominous scenes:

Qutalmish secretly meeting with a group of conspirators and promising them to overthrow Alp Arslan and seize the throne, and Yusuf pretending to be a loyal servant of Alp Arslan while secretly communicating with his fellow Byzantine agents and planning a new invasion of Anatolia. The stage is set for more political intrigue, military conflicts, and personal dramas in the upcoming episodes of Alp Arslan.


Alp Arslan Episode 54 is a well-crafted episode that balances action, emotion, and exposition. The battle scene is impressive and realistic, with a lot of attention to detail and choreography.


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