Alp Arsalan Episode 52 Part 2


The Turkish television industry is widely known for producing some of the most popular TV shows, which have become a favorite of viewers worldwide. Amongst these, one show that has gained immense popularity is “Alp Arslan,” which is currently running its second season. In this article, we will be discussing episode 52 part 2 of the show, which has created quite a stir amongst viewers.

Recap of Alp Arslan Episode 52 Part 1

Before we dive into episode 52 part 2, let’s take a quick look at what happened in part 1. The episode started with the news of a potential attack on the Seljuk Empire, which had been planned by the Byzantine Empire. This news left Sultan Alp Arslan in a state of unrest, and he immediately called for a council to discuss the matter. Meanwhile, the Byzantine Empire had already started their attack and had captured a few Seljuk cities.

Episode 52 Part 2 Recap

In episode 52 part 2, we see Sultan Alp Arslan and his army going head to head with the Byzantine army. The battle is intense, and we see some of the most breathtaking fight scenes, which are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Seljuk army initially faces some setbacks, but with Alp Arslan’s exceptional military tactics, they are able to turn the tables and take down the Byzantine army.

In the meantime,

there are a few subplots that are worth mentioning. We see the return of Batuhan, who had been presumed dead in the previous season. His return has left his brother,


in a state of shock, and he is not sure whether to trust him or not. We also see the love story between Mahperi Hatun and Tapar, which has been brewing for quite some time now, finally taking a positive turn.
Why is Alp Arslan Episode 52 Part 2 Going Viral?
Alp Arslan has been one of the most popular Turkish TV shows, and its fan base continues to grow with each passing day. The reason why episode 52 part 2 has gone viral is because of the intense battle scenes and the unexpected twists and turns in the plot. The viewers were left on the edge of their seats, and the suspense was maintained till the very end. Moreover, the show’s impeccable production values and the performances of the cast have added to the show’s popularity.


In conclusion, Alp Arslan episode 52 part 2 has been one of the most popular episodes of the show, and it has left the viewers in awe. The show’s impeccable production values, exceptional cast, and intense battle scenes have added to the show’s popularity. The show’s fan base continues to grow, and it is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come






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