Alp Arsalan Episode 4 in urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 4 in urdu dubbing

The episode begins with a scene of the Crusaders guarding a prison.Where Sultan Muhammad Tughral’s general Muhammad Alp Arsalan’s companion Hassan is imprisoned.The crusader governor’s son Yanis visits the prisoner’s prison at night.

And he tells his comrades to lift the veil of beauty’s face At her command, Anis’s companions lift the cover of Hassan’s face Or Nice looks at Hassan and smiles sarcastically at him He gestures to Hassan

to bring him out of the cell Yanis’s companions then bring Hassan out of the cell.Anis approaches Hassan and says that soon your commander Muhammad Alp Arsalan will be with you in the cell.And I will kill

him with my own hands.In response, Hassan says that the day our commander Muhammad Alp Arsalan comes will be the last day of your life.And will make Vasporanak your grave, and Waspoor will wave the Seljuk

flag over his ear Yannis’s companions take him out of the cell and into a gallery.Arriving at the gallery, Yannis tells Hassan that this is the place where Turks are killed.One of Yannis’ military comrades

is a Muslim. He quietly accompanies Hassan And he is deeply disturbed by the injustice done to Hassan.And he quietly decides on his own that he will support Hassan.Yannis orders his troops to punish Hassan

in front of the Nazi army.At the behest of Yannis, the soldiers are gathered in a circle inside the prison venue Hassan is then brought to the prison venue in prison clothes and begins to punish Hassan And

Hassan’s daughter is watching from a window in the upper cell of the prison.In Nadal, the governor’s ministers sit in their own chairs in a circle, including Kikao Manis, the governor’s brother.He claps his

hands and says, “Start the show.”Yakou Manis addressing the prisoner Hassan says that now there is no way for you to escape from here.On this, the soldiers of Kikaumnis push Hassan and bring him to the prison venue.

Alp Arsalan Episode 4 in urdu dubbing

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