Alp Arsalan Episode 37 in Urdu

Alp Arsalan Episode 37 in Urdu

In the drama serial Alp Arsalan episode number 37, you will see that when Alp brings the black stone minister, Alp starts leaving with Arsalan.

So the minister says, “A messenger has come in your name from Sultan Targhul.” Alp Arslan stops and starts to read with the messenger.

And if there is faith in him, then the rest of the soldiers ask, why do you believe in such a value, then he tells

Sultan Tur Ghul has given the head of Vaspur Akan to Ana Lsahab, then Yegor Gurnar comes to Sultan Tur Ghul.

Whomever he talks to, how will he release Annala, causing the chief thief to call Annalahab and say

that Alp Arslan is not here, then you go and take charge of Vaspur Akan. Enal is coming from there when Vaspur Akan comes.

Sa Mane Alp Arsalan is surprised to see how you are here. You were in Baghdad. Alp Arsalan says yes, he went to Baghdad.

That is why you have come to take the headship of Vaspur Akan after knowing every opportunity,” says Alp Arsalan’s father Chaghri Sahab.

I will go to Sultan Ter Ghul and talk to him about how he can do this, how can he make Enal the head of Alp Arslan.

Chaghri Sahib is going when on the way Basa Seeri meets with his soldiers and he stops Chaghri Sahab.

And he asks where Alp Arsalan is, then Chagiri Sahab asks that you are not the one to stop me like this.

And as soon as he finds out that Chaghar is Alp Arslan’s father, he kills him. Alp Arslan tells Enal.

I won’t let you know this so easily, O Qay Kha Tun says Alp Arsalan, it will cost you dearly.

Disobeying Sultan’s words, Basa Seri says Alp Arsalan, I will do so bad to you, I will punish you like this.

After which you will come by yourself to play for free, says Goner Gregor. Now you will die.

Alp Arslan, ambassador or khan, says, “Look, if you make any plans now, then we won’t do it. The sword will do it.”

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